The Physical World and Your Relation to It

Physics is the study of the universe and how it works.  Questions in physics range from the very big (evolution of the universe) to the very small (atoms and quantum physics), and from the very fast (relativity) to the very slow (laser cooling).  As physicists, we attempt to infer underlying physical principles from the world around us. The study of physics is a challenging and intellectually rewarding activity elected by those who seek to sharpen and broaden their appreciation and understanding of the physical world and their relationship to it.

Courses offered by the Department of Physics and Astronomy are designed to bring the student to an increasingly independent level of investigation in experimental and theoretical physics.  Denison offers a variety of facilities and equipment for teaching and research in the physical sciences.

In the Classroom

The department offers a wide variety of courses, from introductory physics and astronomy, to astrophysics, biophysics, quantum mechanics, and thermodynamics.  Denison thrives on the close student-faculty connection, with about 20-30 students per introductory class and about 10 in advanced classes.  Unique to our program is an emphasis on “doing physics.”  In advanced lab, students design and conduct individualized experiments.  Recent examples include:  building an AM radio, measuring the speed of light, stellar photometry, and seismology.

Outside the Classroom

Many of our students are involved in research during their time at Denison. These projects contribute to new knowledge and may lead to co-authored professional papers and presentations. Recent examples of research include: laser spectroscopy of negative ions; simulation of clumpy and turbulent star formation; observations of fast variations in radio jets in active galaxies; modeling molecular motor proteins; and the biomechanics of baseball pitching.

Beyond the Classroom

Our students are a close-knit group who are among the top students in the college, participating in theatre, orchestra, varsity athletics, and service organizations.  They work hard and organize many of our departmental activities including movie nights, science olympics, outreach activities, and field trips to places like Fermilab.


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