Made Available to Students From All Economic Backgrounds

The value of a Denison education is made available to students from all economic backgrounds through generous financial aid packages from the university, which include Denison scholarships and Denison grants, as well as federal and state grants. Funds from each of these programs do not have to be repaid.

In addition to your scholarships and grants, many students use a combination of federal loans, private loans and a limited number of loans from a special Denison fund to finance their education. Loans are to be repaid. Denison works diligently to put together the best possible financial aid packages for its students — and our extremely low default rate of less than 2% is proof that our students are thriving in their professions and able to repay the loans they take.

For domestic students, your completed FAFSA application (which needs to be filled out each year that you are enrolled at Denison) and CSS Profile comprise your application for need-based financial aid. International students complete the Denison Certification of Finances one time when applying to Denison for admission.


Scholarships have been funded through loyal Denison alumni and friends as a means of recognizing the special part that the university, professors, and friends have played in their lives and success. The scholarships often are named for these alumni or their loved ones. Scholarship recipients are encouraged to thank our alumni donors each year.


Grants are gifts that support the education of students. Students may qualify for federal and state government grants. Additionally, Denison provides need-based grants to students as a part of our commitment to meet 100% of a student’s demonstrated need. Learn more about applying for financial aid.


Students and their families often take out loans to help cover the costs of education. Loans are available through the federal government at a low cost. Loans also are available through financial institutions, and from a special fund provided by Denison alumni. If loans are necessary to fund your education, Denison’s financial aid team will work with you to secure you the best loans and rates and help you understand your responsibilities for repayment.

On-Campus Student Employment

Student employment opportunities are available to all students. Once enrolled, current student employment listings are available through Handshake. Many students work at Denison in offices and departments across campus. These students learn skills and knowledge that help them move into their professions after graduation. Students are responsible for managing their student employment experience, from researching opportunities, applying ,and interviewing.

Additional Grants & Funding Sources

Through the generous contributions of alumni, Denison is able to offer financial support for students, including grants, for a variety of both on- and off-campus experiences and needs.

  • Career & Grad School
  • Academic
  • Off-Campus Study for Credit
  • Off-Campus Non-Credit Experiences
  • The Horizon Fund
    • The Horizon Fund was established in 2009 by 161 members of the Denison Class of 1959 as they celebrated their 50th anniversary reunion. The Fund is a permanent endowment to help support important opportunities for students. It is not the intent of the Horizon fund to provide grants that cover expenses associated with Denison coursework or senior projects but rather to support enrichment opportunities for the academic and/or co-curricular interests of students.

      Independent initiatives and creative projects are of particular interest to the governing Board. Applications for funding associated with academic and/or professional development conference registration and travel, service learning experiences, and field study will also be considered.

      For more information on The Horizon Fund and to apply, please visit: mydenison » campus resources » student development

For more information, students, staff and faculty may log in to MyDenison and search for Grants & Funding Sources