Ohio Initiative Overview

We support Ohioans by guaranteeing you a $100,000 scholarship ($25,000 each of your four years at Denison).

In an effort to mitigate the hardships that many prospective students and their families are facing during these challenging times, Denison is supporting students from our home state by offering the Ohio Scholarship for students from Ohio. This scholarship awards admitted students $25,000 per year for four years at Denison.

Incoming first-year students simply need to submit their application for admission by December 1. There is no separate scholarship application, no application fee, and no supplemental essay. However, we strongly encourage students to visit campus and interview.

*Students participating in other programs that support tuition (e.g., the Denison-Columbus Alliance, tuition remission, ROTC, QuestBridge, and recipients of other full-tuition scholarships) are not eligible for the Ohio Scholarship. Students who qualify for other Denison-funded scholarships will be awarded the scholarship with the highest value. As with all admitted students, Denison is committed to meeting 100% of demonstrated financial need. If a student’s demonstrated financial need hasn’t been met after accounting for the Ohio Scholarship, additional financial aid will be awarded to meet the student’s full need.

5 Reasons to Stay in Ohio

We know there are many considerations that weigh into a student’s decision to apply to Denison. One thing we regularly hear from Ohio students is that they aren’t sure they want to “stay so close to home.” We are here to tell you it is worth considering. Don’t believe us? Here are our top-five reasons to stay in Ohio.

  1. A worldly perspective. Nope, that’s not an error — ~80% of our student body comes from areas outside of Ohio. 17% are international students from 79 countries, and 21% of our 2,300 students are domestic people of color.
  2. The comforts of home. Did somebody say Skyline? Or maybe Jeni’s is more your thing? Swenson’s, anyone? It may seem silly, but Ohio is home to some one-of-a-kind comforts that you know you’re excited to share with new friends.
  3. An education worth seeking out. This is a simple one — Denison provides incredible opportunities for students. Our next-level career exploration program, a top-tier liberal arts education, global access — shall we continue?
  4. Your folks are nearby. How does the saying go? Keep your friends close and your… Hmm. Well, we know you might want privacy and we don’t blame you, but it’s nice to enjoy some space without hopping on a plane every break. Plus laundry.
  5. We’re investing in you. Consider this scholarship — $100,000 over four years — a gateway to pursuing your passions. It’s a green light for future you to travel, explore, inspire, engage, and create throughout Ohio (and everywhere else).

And a BONUS Reason: Ohio is great! Sometimes it’s hard to see the forest for the trees—of which we have many in Ohio. You might not realize it, but you already live in the greatest state in the country. Denison is 25 minutes from Columbus — one of the nation’s largest capital cities. Ohio has world-renowned medical facilities, research centers, and Fortune 500 company headquarters. Plus, seven US presidents, Paul Newman, John Legend, Neil Armstrong, Toni Morrison, the Wright Brothers, and of course Lebron James all came from this great state. There is more to Ohio than meets the I-O.

Frequently Asked Questions