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Learning through life on campus

Denison’s master residential plan is modernizing our historic residence halls while providing students with opportunities to learn life skills.

A Commitment to Student Success

Financial barriers can stand in the way of student success. Denison is working hard to help students overcome these obstacles.

Consulting With a Local Museum

Red Frame student designers consulted with The Works museum in Newark to deepen the experience for their patrons.

Globalizing the liberal arts

We need to give our students the opportunities to help them develop the skills, values, and habits of effectively working in global ways.

Ask Adam

Get insights about what’s happening at Denison in this video interview with President Adam Weinberg.

Building Competence and Confidence

The Career Center offers OnBoard, a great way to get up to speed with skills that are invaluable for interviews and careers.

Career ready. Life ready.

The new Knowlton Center for Career Exploration is formally launched, and it's already making a critical difference for Denison students.

Prime examples

Two Denison students came out of their Amazon internships in Seattle with great experience . . . and job offers.

Home advantage

Andrianna Peterson's 'Summer on the Cuyahoga' internship made this Cleveland native aware of the opportunities in her own backyard.

Forging community

Reese Neader '10 built community and economic stability through his nonprofit, Forge Columbus.

Healthy and Wise

Taking care of yourself, getting enough rest and sleep, can be difficult to do.

Circling In

Advising Circles gather peers and mentors to learn about Denison and themselves.

Depth of focus

Four cinema majors living in Chicago create their first movie.

Lessons in Greek

Jill Koval '16 is president of her sorority - and that takes a lot of skill.

Research in Africa

A Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship gives Denison faculty Joanna Tague the opportunity to continue her research in Africa.

Swimming outside the lanes

National swimming champion Michelle Howell '15 isn't leaving her community service work behind after graduation.

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