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Record-breaking Class of 2020 continues upward trend

Admission & Financial Aid
May 6, 2016

The Denison University Office of Admissions announces the highly successful enrollment of the Class of 2020. On the heels of the largest number of applicants in the college’s history, nearly 7,000, Denison has enrolled its target class of more than 600 incoming first-year students.

“We are absolutely delighted to announce that enrollment for the Denison Class of 2020 is exceptional. This is a group of truly outstanding young men and women, and we’re looking forward to welcoming them at a variety of orientation programs this summer and the college’s traditional induction ceremony in August” said Greg Sneed, vice president for enrollment management. “The class is especially notable in light of this age group’s declining numbers nationally. I am very proud of our admissions team and everyone else at the college for the work they've done to bring these exemplary young people to Denison.”

The record-breaking Denison Class of 2020 is both academically talented and demographically diverse. The average entering grade point for the class is 3.6, with more than half graduating in the top 10 percent of their secondary school class. This year, the average SAT score is nearly 1300 and the average ACT score is 29. The Class of 2020 exemplifies the college’s commitment to diversity with more than 30 percent of the entering class coming from multicultural backgrounds. This number puts Denison in the company of some of the most diverse leading liberal arts colleges in the country. In addition to students representing the majority of U.S. states and territories, incoming students also hail from 18 foreign countries, comprising almost one-tenth of the entering class. Nearly 80 percent are from outside Ohio, and women constitute 55 percent of the Class of 2020.

During the last year, Denison has introduced a number of new strategic initiatives, including groundbreaking academic majors in global commerce and data analytics, as well as a concentration in financial economics; a significant increase in paid internships and the launch of several innovative career-preparation programs; an expansion of global programs: and a deeper and wider focus on mutually beneficial relationships in nearby Columbus, which is trending for college students and graduates, and recently was named by Forbes as the top “opportunity city” in the nation.

“The Class of 2020 is remarkable for its academic strengths; for its ethnic, geographic, socioeconomic, political and religious diversity; and for the range of talents and passions they will bring as students, athletes, artists and community builders,” said Denison University President Adam Weinberg. “The quality of education they will get here is world class. Denison looks forward to welcoming one of the largest and strongest classes in its history, and among America's top liberal arts colleges.”

The majority of the members of Denison's Class of 2020 have participated in significant community service projects, held leadership positions in school clubs and organizations, and were involved in the fine arts and performing arts, as well as athletics.

'We are so happy to welcome this group of successful young people into the Denison family,' said Sneed. 'During their time at Denison, the Class of 2020 will be challenged, mentored and prepared, not merely for their first job out of college or postgraduate study, but for a long life of meaningful contributions to their communities and their workplaces.”

The Class of 2020 will quickly become active members of the campus community well before the first day of classes, which falls on Thursday, September 1st. Denison’s June and August orientations, as well as other preparatory programming, will take place both on and off campus through the summer months.