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October 6, 2016

Denison parent Craig Berman knows that Denison students get a liberal arts education that teaches them to think creatively, globally and to communicate exceptionally well.

So when Berman, who is vice president for global communications at Amazon headquarters in Seattle, offered two internships exclusively to Denison students, his expectations were already high. Berman points out, “Amazon's a company that's very attractive, and we are in a very fortunate position to choose from some of the best and brightest students around.”

But even Berman was surprised at the professional level of work that rising seniors Mackenzie Ritter and Haley Jones brought to their summer internships, and both interns thrived on the challenges and responsibilities.

“They saw the work that I was doing, and they were comfortable with it,” said Ritter, an international studies major from San Antonio, adding, “They put me in charge in something, and I just seized the day.”

“We actually get assignments that are real and have a ton of value and hold a lot of weight,” said Jones, a communication and Spanish major from Portland, Ore.

Spoiler Alert: At the end of the internship, Amazon was so impressed that both students were offered jobs after graduation in the spring of 2017. They both accepted.

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