Availability of Network Services & Accounts

  • Contractors and vendors are given the computer equipment and accounts that are deemed necessary by their supervisors or sponsors.
  • If a network access is needed, the sponsor should make the appropriate arrangements for a network account (see Visitors and Guest Network Access).
    • If a long-term guest network account is needed, account creation may take up to three business days to complete after the necessary paperwork is completed and the individual is entered in Denison’s enterprise information system.
    • Long-term guest network accounts will expire at the agreed-upon time or after 180 days of non-use. If an account needs to be re-established after it expires, the supervisor or sponsor must reapply for an account.

Security Issues and Policies

In order to safeguard all intellectual property and personal information, all members of the Denison community and guests must abide by the guidelines described in the following documents:

Getting Help

Contact the ITS Service Desk at servicedesk@denison.edu or 740-587-6395 for assistance with your computer problems.

Information Trolling

Denison maintains a strict policy regarding the release of information to third parties. Denison is not a Microsoft shop and uses no products that connect to Active Directory.

Vendor Requirements

Vendors interested in learning about Denison’s vendor requirements may also refer to Telecommunications Standards.

Some of this information may not apply to all vendors.

  • W-9 Form — New vendors must complete this form, then send to accountspayable@denison.edu.
  • Copies of insurance certificates — Should be forwarded by mail to Purchasing, 100 West College Street, Granville, OH 43023
  • Documentation of permits and licenses — As needed.
  • Insurance for contractors and subcontractors — During performance, and up to the date of final acceptance, the contractor must effect and maintain with companies satisfactory to the University, the following types of insurance, and in the amounts as fixed in each requirement where applicable naming Denison University as additional insured and certificate holder:
    • Workers Compensation Insurance for all employees engaged at the site — Subcontractors shall effect and maintain such insurance for their employees. Failure to comply with this provision shall make the contract void. Amount as required by law.
    • Comprehensive General Liability for Bodily Injury and Property Damage — This coverage shall be written for not less than $1,000,000 for each occurrence and shall include contractual Liability, Personal Injury Liability, and the deletion of Exclusions for Explosion, Collapse, and Underground.
    • Automobile Liability for owned, hired, and non-owned autos — This coverage shall be written for not less that the minimum $1,000,000.
    • Completed Operations and Products Liability — This coverage shall be written for not less than $1,000,000.

Depending on the value of the project, we may require a bond. Other requirements may be added for specific quotes.