Access While on Campus

If you need wireless network access only, there are two options:

  • If you are from an institution that uses eduroam and have an eduroam account, please select the eduroam secure wireless network on your device. You should automatically connect via your home institution’s credentials.
  • If you do not have an eduroam account, please select the Denison-Guest network on your device and open a web browser. You will be directed to a registration page. Once you enter your email address, you will have Internet connectivity for 48 hours before you are prompted to register again.

If you need to use the secure wireless network and do not have an eduroam account through your institution, or if you will need to sign into Denison computers, you will need a guest account.

Short-term Guest Accounts

If you are visiting our campus and want access to network resources, your host can create a guest account. Guest accounts require only a few minutes to set up and can be assigned for a limited period of time (1 day to 2 weeks).

Your account will allow you access to the Internet through our campus computers in the library and computing labs, which are equipped with our standard software configuration. You may also access the eduroam wireless network on your own computer. Your sponsor might also choose to assign equipment within a particular area for your use.

Guest accounts expire at the end of the period set by your sponsor when the account is created. If you need to extend this period of time, please have your host contact the Service Desk.

To set up your account, your sponsor should visit MyDenison and access “Guest Network Access” under “My Apps.”

Long-term Guest Accounts

Community affiliates, such as scholars, lecturers, recruiters, contractors and vendors, may require a long-term guest account for access to Denison computers and services. The Denison staff or faculty member serving as your sponsor should contact Human Resources to arrange for the completion of the appropriate paperwork. Once you are entered in Denison’s enterprise information system, a Denison account will be generated and the login information will be shared with your sponsor.

For more help, contact the ITS Service Desk at or 740-587-6395.

All guests are subject to Information Technology Services’ policies.