Enhance Learning and Facilitate Collaborative Work

Denison's academic and administrative buildings are full of technology-enabled spaces designed to enhance learning and facilitate collaborative work on campus. These include:

  • 103 eClassrooms which typically feature either a Windows or Macintosh computer with our standard software, cables for connecting a personal laptop, a document camera, a DVD/VHS combo unit, a data projector, and a screen.
  • 18 Teaching Computer Labs which provide student workstations in addition to the e-Classroom equipment noted above. These are often open for student use when not in use for classes.
  • 4 Public Computer Labs which are open for student use 24/7 (may require ID card to access during off-hours).
  • 20 Academic Computer Labs which may be open to all students or may be restricted to students in specific academic programs/courses. Often these offer specialized software or equipment.
  • 19 Custom Espaces & Carts which range from a large auditorium with a film projector as well as a Windows & Mac instructor station and data projector to small conference rooms and mobile laptop carts.