With a commitment to excellence, the Information Technology Services mission is to support the goals of the University through technology services and innovation in partnership with the broader Denison community.

Guiding Principles

  • Supporting the significant and ever-increasing role of technology for teaching and learning
  • Optimizing technology resources and processes
  • Communicating in a concise, informative, and open manner with our ITS colleagues and the Denison community
  • Providing transparent reliability and security in accessing electronic information and technology services
  • Assessing our services regularly to promote continual improvement

ITS Divisions

Denison's Information Technology Services consists of four main divisions:

Educational Technology Services

The mission of the Educational Technology Services group is to assist the Denison faculty and academic community in the use of technologies to enhance learning.

Enterprise Applications

The Enterprise Applications (EA) division of Information Technology Services serves to advance the College's institutional goals by providing enterprise software and data processing services to the campus community.

  • EA's primary areas of responsibility include:
  • Enterprise Resource Planning (Banner ERP)
  • Reporting/Business Intelligence (Cognos BI)
  • Document Imaging/Management (Xtender)
  • The campus intranet (MyDenison)
  • Architecting the College's online properties
  • Application integration, development and consulting services

It is Denison's policy that administrative data is owned by the office which bears the responsibility for maintaining the integrity and confidentiality of that data. Denison employees who need access to enterprise data services (e.g., Banner, Cognos reports, etc.) must have their supervisor or ITS liaison initiate a request. If the data to be accessed is not owned by the employee's office, then the owner of the data in question must approve the request.

Information Technology Security

Information Technology Security is dedicated to protecting the confidentiality, integrity and availability of Denison computing resources and data. This level of protection is best obtained by focusing on four factors: people, policies, processes and technology. Our information security approach is based on five core principles:

  • Preparedness – measures taken to raise user awareness for security concerns, use of resources, and suspicious activities.
  • Prevention – measures taken to deter or restrict unauthorized access to data or unauthorized use of computing resources. 
  • Protection – measures taken to discover whether there has been unauthorized access or significant attempts to access our computing resources. 
  • Response – measures taken after there has been a breach of our security measures in order to mitigate any damage that may have been done. 
  • Recovery – measures taken to protect business continuity in the event of a significant disruption in computing facilities. 

Technical Services

The mission of Technical Services is to:

  • Provide the Denison community with a reliable, secure, and managed information infrastructure facilitating the transfer of knowledge
  • Explore, recommend, and implement new technologies, which contribute to the educational mission of Denison University
  • Improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the information infrastructure that leads to empowering the user
  • Install new computers & upgrade old computers
  • Create the standard software images that are used on most faculty, staff and public lab computers
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