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  • 4th Floor - General Works, Philosophy & Religion, History, History & Topography
  • 3rd Floor - Geography & Anthropology, Social Sciences, Political Sciences, Law, Education, Music, Fine Arts
  • 2nd Floor - Language & Literature
  • Level B - Science, Medicine, Agriculture, Plant & Animal Industry, Technology, Military Science, Bibliography & Library Science

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4th Floor

4th Floor
A: General Works
AC Collection. Series
AE Encyclopedias
AG General Reference Works
AY Yearbooks, Almanacs, Directories
AZ History of the science in general
B: Philosophy & Religion
B-BJ Philosophy
BF Psychology
BL-BX Religion & Theology
C: History
CB History of Civilization (General)
CC Antiquities & Archaeology
CJ Numismatics & Coins
CR-CS Heraldry & Genealogy
CT Biography
D: History & Topography (except the Americas)
D General History
DA Great Britain
DB-DR Europe
DS-DT Asia & Africa
DU Australia & Oceania
E-F: History & Topography of the Americas
E 1-135 Americas (General)
E 151-810 United States (General)
F 1-970 United States (Local)
F 1001-3799 Americas (except United States)

3rd Floor

3rd Floor
G: Geography & Anthropology
G Geography (General)
GA Mathematical geography & Cartography
GB Physical geography
GC Oceanology & Oceanography
GN-GT Anthropology, Folklore & Customs
GV Sports & Amusements; Games
H: Social Sciences
H Social Sciences (General)
HA Statistics
HB-HJ Economics
HM-HX Sociology
J: Political Sciences
J-JA Documents (General)
JC Political Science & Theory of State
JF-JX Constitutional Theory & International Law
K: Law
KF United States Law
L: Education
L-LA General Works; History of Education
LB Theory & Practice
LC Special Forms; Relations & Applications
LD-LJ Universities & Colleges
M: Music (*except where noted)
M Music (Scores) **Presidents Room, 1st Floor**
ML Literature on Music
**Music Reading Room, 3rd Floor**
MT Musical Instruction & Study
N: Fine Arts (Oversized items in Fine Arts Reading Room, 3rd Floor)
N Visual Arts (General)
NA Architecture
NB Sculpture
NC Drawing, Design & Illustration
ND Painting
NE Print Media
NK Decorative Arts
NX Arts in General

2nd Floor

2nd Floor
P: Language & Literature
P Philology & Linguistics (General)
PA Classical Languages & Literatures
PB-PH Modern European Languages
PJ-PL Oriental Languages & Literatures
PN Literature History & Collections (General)
PQ Romance Literatures
PR English Literatures
PS American Literatures
PT Teutonic Literatures
PZ Fiction & Juvenile Literatures

Level B

Level B
Q: Science
Q Science (General)
QA-QB Mathematics & Astronomy
QC-QD Physics & Chemistry
QE-QH Geology & Natural History
QK-QL Botany & Zoology
QM-QP-QR Human Anatomy, Physiology & Bacteriology
R: Medicine
S: Agriculture; Plant & Animal Industry
T: Technology
T Technology (General)
TA-TH Engineering & Building Group
TJ-TL Mechanical Group
TN-TR Chemical Group (incl. Photography)
TS-TX Composite Group
U: Military Science
V: Naval Science
Z: Bibliography & Library Science

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