Denison University Libraries are dedicated to inspire and educate the Denison community to become lifelong learners and active citizens. The Library offers comprehensive services which foster creativity and collaboration, and support diverse learning styles.

Goals of the Library:

  1. Offer a full array of information resources.
  2. Provide comprehensive services delivered by knowledgeable staff.
  3. Be a dynamic center of 21st century learning in an engaging environment.

Denison University Libraries highly value education and learning, respect for all people and points of view, effective service to users, and cooperation and collaboration among all types of libraries.

Specifically, we are committed to creating the conditions for:

  • student success
  • collaboration with teaching faculty in the learning enterprise
  • efficient, effective, and easy access to the broadest range of information and knowledge in all formats
  • a neutral, welcoming, safe haven
  • ethical use of information
  • confidentiality of user transactions
  • collaboration, cooperation, and sharing resources with other libraries in Ohio, the United States, and the world
  • promoting Denison’s intellectual and scholarly life and library contributions to it
  • diversity among the people, their intellectual and personal viewpoints, the resources, and the
  • environments that compose the Denison community
  • constant evolution, adaptation, and improvement in library resources, staff. programs, and facilities

Library Departments

Library Departments
Circulation Desk6235
Course Reserves6235
Interlibrary Loan6235
Library Office6225
Library Class Instruction5653
Reference Desk6682
U.S. Government Documents6389

*All numbers begin with 740-587