Responsibilities of building users to minimize energy consumption and meet compliance standards

Garden Orientation and Workshop Planner

Nominate a project/idea for funding through the Green Hill Fund.

A form that provides initial screening for the Green Office Certification program

Garden Orientation and Workshop Planner

This policy is designed to eliminate all unnecessary idling time by vehicles on campus to minimize harmful emissions.

Planting guides for backyard/community gardens – midwest region -­ Ohio

Denison is committed to the use and purchase of environmentally and socially responsible materials and products.

The award recognizes a graduating senior whose curricular and co-curricular work has embodied sustainability.

A guide for Denison community members on reducing consumption and recycling

A tool developed by the Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education to help colleges and universities assess sustainability

The campus sustainability plan for Denison University

This annual report addresses the state of sustainability at Denison, as well as the progress made during recent academic and fiscal years.  

This tour highlights some of Denison University's efforts to become a more sustainable campus.

A list of courses at Denison University focusing on relationships between humans and the environment

A report of Denison's utility data such as energy usage and water consumption

How to plant and grow your own vegetable garden