Academics: Fast Facts

  • 65 Academic programs
  • 92% of graduates find a mentor while at Denison
  • One-on-one graduate-level research
  • Relevant programs for today’s world

What are the liberal arts?

Earning a liberal arts degree is like gaining access to a multitool you can use for years to come.

Our professors are true mentors, guiding you to explore your passions and achieve your potential. Our career-readiness programs, collaborative research, intellectual engagement, global experiences, and performance opportunities offer the benefits of a small university.

Our outstanding faculty focus on engagement, so our students gain critical-thinking, creative problem-solving, and exceptional communication skills. Plus, our students leave Denison with the agility, tenacity, and adaptability necessary for lifelong career success.

Does Denison have the majors I’m interested in?
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Our Academic Curriculum

Our commitment to a liberal arts education is expressed in the form of General, Major, and Elective courses divided nearly equally across your academic experience.

Our Academic Curriculum

General Education: The General Education Program is designed to provide intellectual breadth through experience with a variety of disciplines. This program requires a broad exposure to various fields and the development of essential abilities: listening, reading, and observing; reasoning critically and quantitatively; and expressing ideas convincingly in oral discourse as well as the written word.

Major: The Academic Major promotes the discipline of thought and depth of understanding as it is articulated within a specific field. Within the Major, students discover the evolving questions within the field and gain hands-on experiences that lead to greater understanding.

Electives: Electives provide additional opportunities for students to explore interests and individually design their academic experience. Electives may be a mix of structured options, such as a concentration or a semester of off-campus study, or they may be more flexible reflections of personal interest.