Essential Part of Humanistic Studies

Religion is an essential part of the humanistic studies in a liberal arts education. The study of religion is one way to establish a view of reality, and more specifically a view of the meaning of human existence as individuals and as social beings in relation to ultimate reality, however that reality is understood. Historically, human beings have articulated our greatest moral ambitions and our most sublime understandings of what may be possible for us to achieve—in relation to one another and to the rest of the cosmos—within the myths, hymns, rituals, and institutions of varied religious traditions.

The goals of the department are to help students:

  • Understand the nature of religion
  • Understand both Abrahimic and Asian religious traditions
  • Develop critical and analytical skills for examining the various religious systems offered in a pluralistic society
  • Examine their own religious perceptions

Many religion majors and minors conduct year-long senior research projects, the majority of which are converted into theses for recognition.

See Tentative Three Year Schedule