Professor Emeritus of literature and cultural studies Kirk Combe, has launched a new blog on the popular online writing site Substack. Combe’s blog is titled Rant Against the Regime.

Every week, Combe engages in some smart fun — taking a look at culture and, even more pleasurable, taking a look at how we take a look at culture. What sort of cultural stuff are we taking a hard look at? All sorts. Movies, politics, current events, literature, media, social issues/practices/beliefs of every stripe, education, money, language, sports, advertising, technology, whatever is coming at us over all these streaming services nowadays. You know: culture. No real limits on the stuff.

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Combe is a professor Emeriti of English at Denison University. He teaches and researches in the areas of early modern British satire and drama, literary and cultural theory, and popular culture. On these topics he’s published numerous books and articles. His recent scholarship focuses on contemporary satire, speculative fiction, and issues of monstrosity. He’s also published short fiction, novels, and is the screenwriter and executive producer of short films. Combe has a Bachelor of Arts from Davidson College and an Master of Arts from the Bread Loaf School of English, Middlebury College. He completed his doctoral study at Oxford University, England, where he received a Doctor of Philosophy in British Literature. Combe is originally from Idaho, has taught at several universities in Europe and the United States, and prior to becoming a college professor spent several years playing professional basketball in Switzerland and Germany.

February 27, 2023