Denison University’s Board of Trustees has recently awarded tenure to seven members of the faculty. Among those who have been granted tenure and will be promoted to associate professor in the fall of 2019 is Isabelle Choquet of the Department of Modern Languages.

Isabelle Choquet joined Denison’s Department of Modern Languages in 2012. She earned her doctorate at the University of Virginia, and her master’s at Michigan State University and Université de Poitiers in France. Her teaching at Denison includes all levels of French language, literature and culture courses. Her scholarship focuses on literary spatial representations in the French-speaking Caribbean and Quebec, and she regularly teaches courses that relate to her research. In class, she enjoys hearing her students discuss contemporary issues. In addition to teaching, she organizes cultural events such as concerts, guest speakers, and film festivals that relate to the French language or culture. She is published in publications such as the French Review, the Journal of Haitian Studies, and the Canadian Review of Comparative Literature.

March 7, 2019