Gina Marie Ezzone ‘15 works with some of the biggest names in the entertainment business, including Netflix, Disney+, and Warner Bros. Entertainment. As a freelancer, she chooses projects, like Apple TV’s The Morning Show, that pique her interest.

“I get to work with people I enjoy,” Ezzone said. “I’ve been very blessed over the years to work with my friends and new people, and that’s the best part — the collaboration.”

Even before she came to college, Ezzone knew she wanted to work in film. “I chose Denison because I could pick up the camera in the first two weeks.”

The cinema program gave her opportunities to explore all aspects of filmmaking. “It’s a major designed with theoretical work and studies, as well as the practical work of film production,” Ezzone said. “So, you’re learning both critical thinking and tangible practical skills at the same time.”

Ezzone kicked off her career close to home, at Denison’s Department of Cinema, and soon made her way to L.A., thanks to Mo Stemen ’07, who connected her to projects. Ezzone landed her first gig at the American Film Institute, where worked as an assistant manager of theater operations during their annual festival.

She helped manage the logistics of more than 200 screenings, discussions, and panels, and broadened her L.A. network during the process.

Ezzone’s big breakthrough came when she landed a job with The Morning Show as a line producer’s assistant. She fell in love with her new role. “It’s a blend of budget management, project coordination, and communication with the crews, the studio, and the producers.”

She also frequently visits the sets, talks with the crew, and, occasionally, the cast.

Being a freelance employee has its ups and downs. Employment is contingent on demand and highly influenced by the vagaries of the economy and the market. COVID shut everything down, and the writer’s and actor’s strikes have also dealt huge blows to the industry.

“These strikes have been so important because they’re fighting for protections for their jobs,” Ezzone said. “No one was making movies.”

“Unemployment is the nature of the industry,” she said. “I think it’s worth it to push yourself and try new things.”

She has weathered the storm and recently assisted the line producer for the upcoming Netflix film Rebel Moon: A Child of Fire.

Her advice for those who want to follow her footsteps to L.A.: “Show up and do the work.” She adds that the discipline of going to class and doing assignments is good preparation for your professional life.

“Focus on your studies and give it as much as you can — your social life too — become a more full-fledged human,” Ezzone said.

October 24, 2023