Fellows Hall is home to International Studies, Modern Language, Global Commerce, History, East Asian Studies and Information Technology Services.
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Use Academic
Established 1965
Style Details Functional Georgian
In Fellows, the ITS Service Desk's full-time technicians and student technology assistants assist all on campus with computing needs such as network connectivity issues, software upgrades, accounts and passwords, viruses, and hardware problems.

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One of six buildings on Denison's campus designed by Gilbert Seltzer, Fellows Hall honors the participants in the 1942 fundraising campaign, the Denison Fellows Program, that asked members to contribute $100 annually toward the development of the college. The Functional Georgian style building was completed in 1965.


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Coffee Break with Yusuf Ahmed '16

International Studies alumnus, Yusuf Ahmed '16 shares his experience working in Iraq and Jordan for the past two years.

A WISR Whits Wednesday

The Global Commerce Program will be hosting the Knowlton Center's Director of Networks & Communities, Liz Morrison, for April's Whits Wednesday event.

Info Session about Intl Studies Major

An International Studies Major includes off-campus study, a language concetration and more. Find out details on Thursday March 8th at 4:30pm.

Global Snapshots

Global snapshots by International Studies Majors, Thursday November,7 pm-8 pm Fellows 305.

Celebrating the Lunar New Year

Each spring, the Asian Culture Club celebrates the Lunar New Year, also known as spring festival, with faculty, students and staff.