Christian Faur, Director of Collaborative Technologies in the Fine and Performing Arts, has been awarded a $4000 Individual Excellence Award from the Ohio Arts Council (OAC) in the area of Painting for fiscal year 2021.

Individual Excellence Awards are peer recognition of a creative artist’s body of work that exemplifies their specific discipline and advances the larger artistic community.

Faur also was featured on a segment on Broad and High in which they noted:

Christian Faur has a degree in physics, so it’s no surprise to learn that he applies mathematical principals to his artwork, yielding perfectly pixelated portraits. We visit his studio in Granville, Ohio, where he creates thousands of hand-cast wax crayons for use in his paintings that are meticulously stacked with color, depth, texture and meaning.

The Broad and High program received a Regional Emmy Award.

January 18, 2021