Regular library services will be provided only during normal library hours and not during the extended hours, which are intended primarily to provide students with study space. Students will need to use swipe cards to access the library during the extended hours.

In addition to the library, Slayter remains available for students studying 24/7, and Fellows 100, Curtis computer lab, Huffman computer lab, and Higley 028 are available 24/7.

Additionally, Fellows 201 and the Mulberry MIX lab are available during the evenings, overnight, and on weekends. (These spaces are also available for student use during weekdays when not in use for classes.) All spaces may require card swipe access outside of daytime business hours.

As we open the library for these extended hours, we also encourage students to remember that sleep is critical to your brain’s ability to retain and synthesize information. Please use these resources in a way that balances your health with your academic goals.

December 5, 2016