Denison recognizes that we are members of a greater community. As Denisonians, we look for ways to contribute to our community’s improvement, sustainability and success.

Brent Smith began his career in 1989 as a Security Officer in Campus Safety. Over 33 years with the department, Brent has earned promotions and assumed additional responsibilities. He was first promoted to Assistant Supervisory Sergeant within the department, and then to his current position of Lieutenant.

Brent was recently recognized for his commitment and care to the Denison community.

In the nomination for this recognition, his colleagues noted:

“Brent loves the Denison community and is willing to do anything to make sure our office is successful. His care for the community is reflected in his selfless commitment to our mission. He constantly adjusts his schedule to cover gaps in staffing such as working night shift on the weekend, rather than mandating another employee to work. He recently adjusted his schedule to come in at 5:30 a.m. to assist a student getting to the airport for an early flight home for the holiday break. Brent regularly volunteers to help others, even if it means significant inconvenience to himself.”

“Our office hosts hot dog cookouts, coffee and cocoa events, and other community outreach events, and Brent is there for all of them, always laughing and smiling with our students.”

“Brent volunteers as a staff leader for the Denison Outdoor Orientation. This program pairs a staff and student leader with six or seven students for a three-day backpacking trip in the mountains of West Virginia. Brent has also partnered with Jack Wheeler to assist with the Therapeutic Adventure Group (TAG). This program uses the “healing effects of nature, physical activity, and friends” for counseling purposes. TAG activities include backpacking and other outdoor activities that require significant personal investment by Brent for the health and wellbeing of our students. Brent also participates in the Newark City School Call to College program, where he serves as a mentor and advisor for students who want to transition to college.”

“Brent’s relationship investment was made obvious to me during Senior Soiree. Countless graduating students spoke to Brent, expressing their warmth and appreciation in a way that demonstrated the obvious respect and friendship they had developed with him during their time at Denison.”

Thank you, Brent, for showing us many examples of Caring for the Community. You are a selfless leader on this campus – leading by example through treating others with kindness, respect, and generosity. This exemplifies our Great 8 commitment of Care for the Community through dedicating time and talent to help others.

Denison employees come together to provide a nurturing environment for students to grow and develop into autonomous thinkers, discerning moral agents and engaged citizens. To be successful in both our roles and this ultimate endeavor, we provide a list of shared values that are meant to guide our daily actions and interactions. We all work to uphold these commitments and encourage others at Denison to do the same.

Denison employees articulate our shared values:

  • Inspire Trust
  • Express Gratitude
  • Pursue Growth & Learning
  • Care for the Community
  • Invest in Relationships
  • Be Respectful
  • Act with Integrity
  • Embrace Diversity
December 16, 2022