Belle Giggard: Making play part of work

Human Resources
March 10, 2020

Athletics Facilities Coordinator Belle Giggard oversees about 70 Mitchell Center student employees that work at the Front Desk and in the Crown Fitness Center. She hires, trains, evaluates and provides continued development opportunities for these students. “I also do all of the reservations and scheduling for the Mitchell Center through EMS which includes the athletic contests (and helping set up for them), athletic practices, group fitness schedule, club sports, special events, etc.”

“Recreation is such an integral part of campus because it creates a culture of connectedness surrounded by the idea of ‘play,’ which I believe is something we never lose sight of even when we grow up,” she says.

While Giggard originally intended to become a veterinarian, she says working with the students is now her passion. “Although I loved working with the animals, working at the Recreation Center as an undergrad showed me how much I loved working in a fast-paced environment that centered around health and wellness.”

“Now it is just awesome to be a small part of these students’ collegiate journeys and see the amazing young professionals they will grow to be.”

Throughout college, Giggard worked as a recreation associate at the North Carolina State’s athletic facility and learned to value her work with students in a lively environment. Giggard attended grad school at Georgia Southern where she obtained a master’s in higher education administration.

And, though she is not a veterinarian, Giggard is still drawn to animals. “I wish I could have so many dogs, goats, and pigs” Giggard says, “but my husband would never allow that.”

In addition to owning a dog, Giggard and her husband frequently volunteer at the Columbus Zoo. Giggard also loves to run.

Megan Hovan ’24 describes Giggard as an incredible boss. “She is supportive, and genuinely cares about every student worker. Belle takes the time to ask me how I’m doing whenever she sees me which makes me feel valued.”

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