Marla Krak: The “heart and soul of Eisner”

Human Resources
March 11, 2020

Despite the length of her title as the Arts Engagement Coordinator and Vail Series Assistant Director, Marla Krak operates from one of the smallest offices on campus. Krak has turned her workplace into a small sanctuary, with pictures of her family tacked above her desk, houseplants placed about the room, and a candy bowl by the door.

Krak is the go-to person for everyone working at the Eisner Center for the Performing Arts. In fact, her coworkers describe her as the “heart and soul of Eisner.” Krak’s responsibilities include managing a group of students who write for the Arts@Denison newsletter, which informs the community about arts events and stories.

“She’s hardworking, enthusiastic, and is always connecting with fellow employees,” says Chris Montgomery. Montgomery is the administrative assistant for the music department, which is housed in Eisner, along with the departments of dance and theatre.

Krak enjoys her work, particularly bringing world-class artists and ensembles to campus with the Vail Series. That means communicating with their managers, booking hotels, and scheduling catering. While this is certainly a lot to handle, she does it in stride, emphasizing how thrilling it is to have meaningful discussions with so many world-renowned musicians.

Michael Morris, the former director of the Vail Series, is more than happy to take the time to discuss his career with Marla. “She’s the ‘homeroom mom,’” he says, “she’s great company, fun to be with, and collaborative.”

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