The arts intersect with nearly every facet of life at Denison. Students often bring a passion for the arts, and once here they find new ones. Whether on campus as part of academic study, student organizations, or individual interests, or off campus in the nearby cities of Columbus and Newark or as part of study abroad, the arts create countless threads that are woven into the fabric of the Denison campus.

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A connection with internationally known artist Alice Schille (1869-1955) led filmmaker Kurt Vincent ‘06 and Logan Floyd ‘16 to document her story.
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Created by DU alumni, “Poser” is one of just six films chosen from more than 4,000 to compete in the U.S. Narrative Competition at Tribeca.
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Denison’s Eisner Center director talks about keeping the arts alive during the year-plus of COVID-19.
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Vibrant textiles from Denison Museum are the subject of Fashioning Identity: Mola Textiles of Panamá, an exhibition at the Cleveland Museum of Art.
Denison and Ohiolina Music Festival announce a three-year partnership for students to perform with and learn from national touring musicians.
The Beck Series brings renowned authors and poets to campus so students learn from expert writers in multiple genres.
Second in a series of investigative reporting by Journalism students on Black lives in Newark.
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Musical composer Bryan Blaskie ‘09 shares his thoughts about the bright lights of Broadway and why getting a bad grade can actually be a good thing.
Sophia Menconi ‘20 is directing Samantha Simone (CBS “Blue Bloods”) and Xaiver Reyes (Kinky Boots National Tour) in “The Pee Test.”
Denison’s Studio Art department introduces Columbus Creative in Residence program.
Emmy-winning Matthew Hamachek ‘03 shares stories from his first Hollywood foray on the set of Master and Commander.
Artist and professor Micaela Vivero explores space and balance in a recent exhibition in Rota, Spain.

By Dana Randall ‘21

Full Story Film Festival features student stories and an intimate look at lives lived under COVID-19.

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Broadway may be closed, but performing and other arts are thriving at some colleges, writes Professor Margot Singer.
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Denison Professor Jack Shuler has published a new book, “This is Ohio: The Overdose Crisis and the Frontlines of a New America.”
Denison professors co-edit new book, “Midland: Reports from Flyover Country,” a collection of essays that negates stereotypes of the Midwest.

Dana Randall ‘21

Artist and professor Sheilah ReStack describes her work as something recognizable, but changed.

Dana Randall ‘22

Artists can cross lines that medical professionals sometimes don’t have the space to.
Denison’s Bluegrass Ensemble embraces the old-time radio-hour genre for a virtual performance.
An intense collaboration between dance and a museum exhibition yields profound insights on Black culture — and an astonishing video.
Assistant Professor Belinda Andrews-Smith has won the American Prize for directing the student performance of ‘Chicago.’
In the Summer of 2020, Sarah Hume ‘22 found a great internship with Story magazine through a Denison Narrative Journalism program.
Author Pam Houston ‘83 gets kudos and the Colorado Book Award for creative nonfiction for her book “Deep Creek: Finding Hope in the High Country.”
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The Wolves shows the complexity of adolescent friendship, as well as the strength and fierceness of these blossoming adults.
Visiting prof. Doug Swift’s short documentary explores life in a former Ohio mining community.
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Dan Ewen ’96 had to keep faith in his work for more than a decade for Playing with Fire, a 96-minute movie that took more than 12 years to make.

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Screen playwright Jeffrey Hatcher ‘80 shares behind-the-scenes intel about “the Good Liar,” starring Helen Mirren and Ian McKellen
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The American Prize has recognized Denison music faculty for their talent and skill.
Enjoy an interview with renowned cellist Matt Haimovitz, a Vail Series artist performing “A Movable Feast” over this week at Denison.
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A Denison Museum art exhibit titled About Ourselves/Inside Ourselves explores queer history and identity.

Liz Anastasiadis ‘21

‘Playing With Fire,’ the latest movie from writer and comedian Dan Ewen ‘96, just hit the screens.
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An internship with Chicago’s Lookingglass Theatre fulfills a dream — and grows important skillsets for Destiny Mack ‘21
During her commencement speech, Jennifer Garner ‘94 suggested dressing as a mailbox for Halloween — she made good!
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Antics on the Chicago Bulls’ basketball court got SNL’s Alex Moffat ‘04 noticed.
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A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to adapt award-winning animated series BoJack Horseman to the stage poses some creative challenges.
Diego Rubey ‘19 and Jordan Fehr ‘07 get great reviews for their performances in ‘Tiny Beautiful Things’ by Columbus’ Available Light Theatre.
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Denison announces a new collaboration with Third Coast Percussion, a Grammy-winning, artist-run quartet of classically-trained percussionists.
Denison dedicates the Eisner Center, highlighting the interdisciplinary energy of dance, music and theatre.
Denison’s beloved Vail Series celebrates 40 years with a stellar line-up.
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Artist and professor Jamie Olivier ‘94 has been appointed to the Kansas Creative Arts Industries Commission
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“Work Like a Dog Day” is celebrated with poems about our canine friends. Enjoy ‘Mongrel Heart’ by David Baker & ‘Dharma’ by Billy Collins.
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Mo Stemen ‘07 shares some stories and tips (hobbies can become a business) from her vantage point inside the production of “The Lion King”
The New England Foundation for the Arts has awarded Denison a grant for a performing arts initiative.
The Licking County community is welcomed to Denison’s Eisner Center during an open house and self-guided tour.
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An NYTimes reviewer notes “the elegant language and turbulent feeling” of Prof. Ann Townsend’s recent volume of poetry, “Dear Delinquent.”
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Professor of Music Ching-chu Hu recalls conductor Leonard Bernstein.
Mentoring by faculty & professionals Columbus gave Sara Abou Rashed ’21 the confidence to create a one-woman show about her experience as an immigrant.
The Gospel Choir and Denison jazz artists celebrated the history and influences of the Harlem Renaissance.