The arts intersect with nearly every facet of life at Denison. Students often bring a passion for the arts, and once here they find new ones. Whether on campus as part of academic study, student organizations, or individual interests, or off campus in the nearby cities of Columbus and Newark or as part of study abroad, the arts create countless threads that are woven into the fabric of the Denison campus.

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Denison announces a new collaboration with Third Coast Percussion, a Grammy-winning, artist-run quartet of classically-trained percussionists.
Denison’s beloved Vail Series celebrates 40 years with a stellar line-up.
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Artist and professor Jamie Olivier ’94 has been appointed to the Kansas Creative Arts Industries Commission
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“Work Like a Dog Day” is celebrated with poems about our canine friends. Enjoy ‘Mongrel Heart’ by David Baker & ‘Dharma’ by Billy Collins.
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Mo Stemen ’07 shares some stories and tips (hobbies can become a business) from her vantage point inside the production of “The Lion King”
The New England Foundation for the Arts has awarded Denison a grant for a performing arts initiative.
The Licking County community is welcomed to Denison’s Eisner Center during an open house and self-guided tour.
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An NYTimes reviewer notes “the elegant language and turbulent feeling” of Prof. Ann Townsend’s recent volume of poetry, “Dear Delinquent.”
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Professor of Music Ching-chu Hu recalls conductor Leonard Bernstein.
Mentoring by faculty & professionals Columbus gave Sara Abou Rashed ’21 the confidence to create a one-woman show about her experience as an immigrant.
The Gospel Choir and Denison jazz artists celebrated the history and influences of the Harlem Renaissance.
For 25 years the Jonathan Reynolds Workshop has shown young writers how to find their voice & develop the expertise to become exceptional writers.
Sam Fujikawa ’22 and Meg Odell ’19 gain experience and technique as they perform for competitions and in productions.
Alex Lopez ’19 has been filming in Rwanda over the past two summers, telling the story of a young man with HIV.
Resident artists Christian and Anne Manns pay tribute to local history through exhibition “Monumental!”
An Interdisciplinary Museum Studies Class
The day after winning an Emmy, documentary filmmaker Elaine Sheldon visited Denison and Newark

Savannah Delgross ’19

The Columbus community previewed “A Map of Myself,” a one-woman performance by Sara Abou Rashed ’21, about her short-yet-complex personal history.
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A student response to “Defining Childhood: Growing up in the US (1860-1940).”

Sophia Raak ’20

The Vail Series opens with a U.S. premiere — Pablo Ziegler — and adds a night of jazz, a tribute to Leonard Bernstein, and a farewell to ETHEL.
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HyeKyung Lee, associate professor of music, has been awarded a prestigious orchestral commission for the Eastern Music Festival.
The American Prize in Composition for instrumental chamber music, professional division, has been awarded to Professor of Music Ching-chu Hu.
Former economics major Sahil Vasudeva ’08 stretches the boundaries of classical music with an “Un-Recital” at the Royal Opera House in India.
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Associate Professor Sheilah ReStack receives a $43,800 grant from the Canada Council for the Arts, for ‘Future From Inside.’
Actor/Singer John Davidson ’63 looks back over his long career in entertainment during his run as “Hook” in “Finding Neverland.”
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Just two weeks after winning their 5th Grammy, the electrifying Ladysmith Black Mambazo takes to the Swasey stage.
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Alliance Theatre and Artistic Director Susan Booth ’85 were awarded $250K Women’s Leadership Grant, part of BOLD Theater Women’s Leadership Circle.
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Denison students Rachel Azbell ’19 and Anthony Bruno ’20 accepted into the 2018 Jazz Education Connection of Ohio Intercollegiate Jazz Ensemble.
Denison’s Burpee’s Seedy Theatrical Company uses a 24-hour marathon to raise funds for hurricane relief.
Each year, studio art seniors travel to New York City to experience art in person, meet artists and take a pulse of the art world.
DU Theatre production asks the question: What else can you do if your father won’t protect you, your country won’t defend you- flee to another country?
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Em Rooney, a visiting assistant professor of studio art at Denison, is among the artists debuting in a new MoMA exhibit, “Being: New Photography 2018.”
The Denison Department of Theatre announces 2017-2018 season.
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Denison’s acclaimed Vail Series announces its 2017-2018 season with Eroica Trio, Catherine Russell, Ladysmith Black Mambazo and Eighth Blackbird.
The Howard Foundation has awarded a $33,000 fellowship to Associate Professor Sheilah Wilson for her work, “SOTD (Strangely Ordinary This Devotion).”
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Visiting professor Blake Turner and art major Evelyn Kendix ’19, are transforming a back yard shed into an installation space for artists this summer.
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Lowell Byers ’08 wrote and stars in “Luft Gangster,” an off-Broadway play based on the true story of Louis Fowler, a WWII airman from South Carolina.
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Prof. Sheilah Wilson uses billboards to kick-start conversation and learning in an innovative project that teams students and local schoolchildren.
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Denison Studio Art professor, Sheilah Wilson, works to place contemporary art on billboards in Newark, Ohio.
Bennett Berry ’00 is an accomplished studio artist who also is making waves with witty and clever memes - especially if you’re an Oklahoma Thunder fan.
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“Shameless Light,” by associate professor Sheilah Wilson and partner Dani Leventhal, is part poetry, part video and drawings and part stage performance.
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Matt Hamachek ’03 edited, co-produced, and co-wrote the documentary “Amanda Knox,” which will be screened, followed by a Q & A with Hamachek.
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Denison Theatre presents “The Traveller Returned,” a revival of a play by the first woman playwright in the U.S.A. - and still surprisingly relevant.
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“The Last Arcade,” a film by Kurt Vincent ’06 explores the lost culture of old-school arcades.
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Brian Wills ’92, with Denison degrees in English and political science and a Master of Arts at Harvard, has opened his first Paris solo show.
Hal Holbrook ’48 began his career presenting the wit and wisdom of Mark Twain on the Denison stage, He continues to bring Twain’s relevance to audiences.
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Cinema major Mat McCabe ’88 has a 25-year career mostly in fashion and advertising photographer, and he has worked with Heidi Klum for more than 10 years.
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Chicago improv and sketch performer Alex Moffat ’04 joins the cast of Saturday Night Live for its upcoming 42nd season.
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