Mallory Warrington: She’s got talent

Human Resources
March 10, 2020

Building Services Assistant Mallory Warrington has a number of hidden talents. On top of her work cleaning and managing residence communities, she’s a loving “dog mom” to two chocolate labs, Remy Rae and Emmy Mae, a graphic designer, a self-taught singer/songwriter — and her flair with outlandish voices won her a shot on America’s Got Talent.

“The students and other employees have been incredibly kind,” Warrington says. “I love everything Denison stands for and its diverse workplace.”

When she’s not at work, Warrington can often be found having a good time with her dogs or playing her guitar. Listening to country artist Miranda Lambert spurred Warrington to teach herself to sing and play the guitar: “I just had a girl power moment and was inspired to try to write songs.”

Her affinity with country music must run deep. She lived in Nashville for a while and on more than one occasion she has been mistaken for singer Kelsea Ballerini, whom she knows. And while she has yet to perform anywhere, Warrington has videoed some of her music and just might share it with the world — someday.

About that America’s Got Talent gig: “I took an intro to theater class in college and my professor really liked this voice I did, so she signed me up for America’s Got Talent and even drove me to my audition.”

Warrington passed the audition process but the actual performance took place during her finals and she dropped out of the competition. One behind the scenes secret: she was given a fake family, including a fake dad who bragged about her. Warrington’s real dad, Mike, is quite proud of her too. “Mallory is very talented and has tremendous potential. She makes me laugh every day.”

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