Denison values the positive effects, both within ourselves and within the workplace, that stem from vocalizing our thanks and appreciation to one another. Kate Tull, First Year Program coordinator with the Office of First Year Experience, illustrates the shared value of expressing gratitude.

Kate Tull began her career at Denison in 2011 as the Academic Administrative Assistant of Philosophy, where she served for the next nine years. In 2020 Kate moved to the Office of First Year Experience as the First Year Program Coordinator.

In her nomination for this recognition, Tull’s colleagues noted:

“Kate has done an exceptional job of not only learning the ins and outs of a new position, but showing a genuine interest in the work our office does and the community we serve. She has been creative in thinking about ways to support students during this unprecedented semester, and played a crucial role in re-imagining and re-inventing our programs this past summer to ensure that students were well prepared for their time at Denison. And she did it all as someone who was still learning the basics of the job.

Kate is mindful of our office’s ecological footprint—opting for virtual and online resources instead of paper materials when possible. She encourages an office team, comprised of both professional and student staff— that is dedicated to Denison and personal values.”

“One thing that Kate has done remarkably well is walk into a new office and continue the strong sense of community that exists in the office. And she has taken concrete steps to strengthen and improve it. She makes a point to celebrate office staff birthdays and personal successes. She is careful to meet with each student worker at the start and end of the semester, offering training as well as professional feedback.”

“As previously mentioned, Kate is relatively new to her role in the office, but she has made the transition with openness and a real interest in immersing herself in the division. In addition to excelling at her own personal tasks, she has taken opportunities to be involved with optional trainings — as well as attends open forums, candidate sessions, etc. Kate is very clearly aware of the importance of that connection and cross-divisional work.

Within the office, she has done an incredible job of rethinking ways to support students while satisfying her job requirements. Of course, COVID has necessarily changed many of our plans, but Kate has gone above and beyond to ensure that our alternative plans have not been lesser in any way. She worked closely with IT and UComm to develop a comprehensive online experience, she worked closely with leadership to provide trips for students as an alternative to our canceled programs, and she offered suggestions for new ways to engage students, such as events and various opportunities to stop by our office for a treat.”

Denison employees articulate our shared values:

  • Inspire Trust
  • Express Gratitude
  • Pursue Growth & Learning
  • Care for the Community
  • Invest in Relationships
  • Be Respectful
  • Act with Integrity
  • Embrace Diversity
February 17, 2022