We encourage one another to follow our moral and ethical convictions, striving to do the right thing in all circumstances. Jenny Etz, academic administrative assistant for the Department of Biology, illustrates how we act with integrity.

In nominating Etz as a demonstration of acting with integrity, her colleagues shared these reflections.

“Jenny is a true Denisonian. She has worked for this institution in a variety of capacities over many years, and she is dedicated to our school in ways that few other people are. She volunteers her time and energy to many activities on campus that span beyond her job responsibilities, and as a result, she is well known across campus. She loves this place, and she goes out of her way to engage in our community and to promote our institution.”

“Jenny takes her job very seriously, and she ensures that the work being done within the department is being done properly and responsibly. During my time as a leader, Jenny and I had to deal with a very difficult situation involving a student who had been defrauding the institution via her department job. Jenny brought this issue to my attention, and we worked closely together to address the situation. It was a terribly unpleasant experience, but in spite of the difficulties, Jenny acted with utmost professionalism, and I was incredibly grateful to have her at my side during the process.”

“Students feel welcomed and appreciated because Jenny talks to them in a way that is deeply human. Upon meeting a student for the first time, she not only handles their question or need, but she also asks them about themselves - where they are from, how they are doing, etc. - and invites them to come back any time. Some students take her up on that, and continue to drop by and chat periodically throughout their time at Denison. She makes them feel like individuals who matter beyond their immediate administrative need, and they seem to truly appreciate that.”

“Jenny has been in our department since my 2nd or 3rd year. I have relied on her as a friend and a colleague through all of the stages of my career. I have always thought that Jenny was amazing at her job, so good that it is basically impossible to think of things she could do to improve. Now, as a leader (perhaps especially during a pandemic - a new thing for all of us), I am grateful beyond words to have her at my side. She is exceptionally dedicated to her work and to the people she works with. I can not imagine doing this work without her.”

Denison employees articulate our shared values:

  • Inspire Trust
  • Express Gratitude
  • Pursue Growth & Learning
  • Care for the Community
  • Invest in Relationships
  • Be Respectful
  • Act with Integrity
  • Embrace Diversity
January 13, 2022