Senior Claire Keeley, an environmental studies and biology double major and studio art minor from Maryland, reflects on her time at Denison and some of her favorite memories while on campus.

Why did you make your academic choices?

I have the ability to study my passions for biology and environmental studies as a major, and still engage with the arts. On top of that, I’m gaining an education in other degrees, and I can bring what I learn from them into my art. I’m super passionate about the environment and a bunch of the paintings I do are centered around it.

What is your favorite Denison memory?

My friends and I went with the first-year office to the Columbus Blue Jackets game — for free! We all got on a bus and went to Columbus, had awesome seats at the game, and it was a great off-campus experience. Not all of us had been to an NHL hockey game before, so that was really fun! And we won 8-0!

What is a unique skill or talent that you have?

Though some people may know I’m a studio art minor, another skill I have is photography. I’ve been doing it since I was little because my dad is really big on taking photos and documenting our family and our lives. It got channeled into my upbringing, so I always had a camera in my hand. I used to take photos just for fun, but now as I’ve gotten older and received an education as a studio art minor, I’ve learned how photography can be a tool for self-expression. Whenever I’m walking around, I’m always thinking about how things can be pictures.

What is your favorite memory as a studio art minor?

There have been a lot, but my favorite memory is most recently the senior studio art minor showcase where I had the opportunity to showcase some of my work for the very first time. I’d never been a part of a group show before, so that was super special and a lot of the people I love showed up to support me. The feedback of the photos I showed was super positive and I feel like I got to showcase a very important aspect of my life: photography and the environment.

April 1, 2024