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A history lesson all his own

With help from history professor Megan Threlkeld, Carter Patton ’23 tapped his family past for an inventive senior project on World War II.

The Value of Empathy

As a patient care assistant in a children’s hospital Taka Higuchi ‘20 provides a welcoming and calming presence at the start of an anxiety-filled day.

Wide open possibilities

When Tima Kaba ’19 returned from a post-graduate fellowship in Tanzania, she was unemployed and uncertain of the future. Today, she is in her dream job.

A 'DESIREE' for Beamtime

A summer project in Sweden at the DESIREE facility is just one highlight of physics major Sarah Spielman’s research into negative ions.

Make Your Mark

First-year students develop leadership skills to implement their personal goals throughout four years of college.

A physic(al) path to engineering

Bebe Wang ‘20 was awarded a $10,000 NCAA Postgraduate Scholarship. Here’s how the physics major and champion swimmer combined his loves at Denison.

Conquering ‘The Glitch’

Summer research by Sihan Cai ’20 is moving technology one step closer to an error-free future.

Guiding Student Service and Leadership

With a doctoral degree now under his belt, Matthew Vetter aims to better the Denison community through the implementation of his PhD research.

How to Choose the Right College

A letter to parents and families from a college president (and a dad) with advice on how choose the right college.

Life Coaching

Coaching and mentoring are two sides of the same coin at Denison: helping students excel in their sports and also in their lives.

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