The Global Studies Seminar presents “Mosquitos and Global Health,” by Andy McCall

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The Global Studies Seminar welcomes Andy McCall, Associate Professor of Biology at Denison University, presenting “Mosquitos and Global Health.”

McCall was born in St. Louis and went to Carleton College, University of Canterbury, and the University of California, Davis for his education. He has been teaching for 13 years and is interested in bridging the divide between the sciences and other disciplines.

Mosquitos are one of the most widespread groups of insects on the planet and carry some of the most dangerous pathogens known. In recent years, mosquitos have evolved to become resistant to many previous methods of control, such as pesticides. Researchers are now trying to develop new ways of mosquito control. McCall will give an overview of the dangers of mosquitos and explain how some of the new control methods work and what this means for global human health.

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