Slayter Union is home to gathering spaces, a food market, mailroom, bookstore, auditorium, the Red Frame Lab, and other campus offices.
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Established 1962
Style Details The New Formalism in brick, stone and black slate attempts to blend modern architecture with traditional Georgian style.
Games Slayter, whose gift funded Denison’s student union, was an executive of Owens Corning and known as the “Father of Fiberglas,” earning more than 125 patents. His support of Denison reflected his belief in the crucial need for education.

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Opened in 1962, Slayter Union was a gift of Dr. Games Slayter, a Denison graduate and trustee, and his wife. Designed by Don Gunnerson of Newark, it uses brick, stone and black slate in the New Formalism style, which attempts to blend modern and traditional Georgian style. The building originally included 10 bowling lanes on the third floor and was noted for its achievement in soundproof insulation from the Owens Corning corporation where Slayter was vice-president and product developer. The lanes were dismantled in 1992 when The Roost, a campus social space, was developed. A central gathering spot on campus, Slayter Union contains lounges, a snack bar, bookstore, student mailboxes, an auditorium, and University and student organization offices.


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