Denison University welcomes Palestinian-American author Najla Said presenting "Looking for Palestine: Growing up confused in an Arab-American Family"

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Sponsor(s): Amnesty International

International studies and the Global Studies Seminar celebrate Denison’s 4th annual Refugee Awareness Week together and welcome Palestinian-American author Najla Said, presenting her book “Looking for Palestine: Growing up confused in an Arab-American Family.”

Growing up in New York City as the daughter of famous Palestinian intellectual Edward Said, Said—actress, playwright, and author—often felt conflicted about her cultural background and identity. In her memoir “Looking for Palestine” and informative talks, she testifies to the challenges of negotiating Arab identity and the second-generation immigrant experience in America.

Said’s lived experience will provide an ethnographic and empathetic perspective on the intergenerational consequences of forced displacement. “Looking for Palestine” is a candid, funny and deeply moving memoir that chronicles Said’s journey into adulthood and solidifies her as an important voice for second-generation Arab Americans across the country.

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