Experiencing sexual misconduct can be traumatic and may leave the survivor feeling unsafe, out of control, or a host of other reactions. Denison and the community can provide certain protective measures, long-term emotional support options, and service/academic accommodations to help get you through this.

Emotional Support

  • Wellness Center, Counseling Staff – (740) 587-6200
    • Counseling Center services are available free of charge to students. Students may choose to see a licensed counselor over a long term period.

Requesting Interim Protective Measures and Accommodations

  • After a report is made directly or through a non-confidential source (“Who can I talk to?” section), the Title IX Coordinator determines what steps need to be taken.
  • With permission of the reporting party, Denison will investigate the report to determine what occurred and will provide interim protection and support measures during the investigative process and any disciplinary process.
    • The Title IX Coordinator will inform the reporting person of available interim measures and coordinate appropriate interim measures with the reporting person.
  • If a reporting person requests that Denison not pursue an investigation or otherwise keep their report confidential (e.g., from the responding party), the Title IX Coordinator will consider whether it can honor the reporting person’s request while still providing a safe and nondiscriminatory environment for all students.
    • If an investigation is not initiated, it may not be possible to provide interim measures

Available Interim Supportive/Protective Measures and Accommodations Interim measures are the services, accommodations, or other assistance that the university will provide to reporting persons after notice of alleged sexual violence but before any final university outcomes have been determined. Upon receipt of a report, the university will take reasonable protective measures to prevent further acts of misconduct, and to protect the health and safety of the reporting person, the community and its members. 

Protective and Supportive Measures include:

  • Academic accommodations
  • Medical and mental health services, including counseling
  • Change in campus housing and/or dining locations
  • Assistance in finding alternative housing
  • Assistance in arranging alternative university employment arrangements and/or changing work schedules
  • A “No contact” directive pending the outcome of an investigation. Such a directive serves as notice to both parties that they must not have verbal, electronic, written, or third party communication with one another
  • Providing an escort to ensure that the student can move safely between school programs and activities
  • Transportation accommodations or parking arrangements to ensure safety and access to other services
  • Assistance identifying an advocate to help secure additional resources or assistance including off-campus and community advocacy, support, and services
  • Interim suspension