To report incidents or alleged violations of sexual assault, sexual harassment, domestic/dating violence, stalking, sex or gender-based discrimination, or discrimination due to pregnancy:

To make a Report:

If making a report to the Title IX Director, complete this Title IX Report Form or contact the Title IX Director or a Deputy Title IX Coordinator with all known details about the incident, including name, date, location, and description.

If you are an employee with a duty to report under the Sex Discrimination and Sexual Misconduct Policy and are using this form to fulfill this responsibility, please include all known details about the incident, including (1) names of the reporting party, the accused, and any identified witnesses; (2) date, time and location of the alleged incident(s); and (3) a complete description of what happened or what was reported to you.

Anonymous Report:

To report a concern for yourself or another student anonymously, complete Campus Safety’s Anonymous Tips form. Please note that, without names and/or contact information, Denison may be unable to contact you for follow up and the university’s ability to respond to the report will be limited.

Criminal Report:

To make a criminal report through Denison Campus Safety or to law enforcement, please call Denison Campus Safety at 740-587-6482, the Granville Police Department at 740-587-1234 (non-emergency), or 911 (emergency). To report to law enforcement with the aid of Denison Campus Safety, please contact Denison Campus Safety at 740-587-6482.

If you believe you are in danger or you have immediate concerns for the health or safety of any person, please call 911.


For more information about Confidential Resources, please see the Who Can I Talk To? page.

What to Expect when Filing a Report

What to expect when: Reporting to the University

  • Denison has designated the Director of Civil Rights & Title IX as the Title IX Coordinator, who is responsible for overseeing all complaints of sexual misconduct at Denison. An individual who has experienced sexual misconduct has the right to choose whether to report the incident to Denison’s Title IX Coordinator. The Title IX Coordinator and Deputy Title IX Coordinators are specially trained to work with individuals who report sexual misconduct and have knowledge about on- and off-campus resources, services, and options — including the availability of interim protective measures and accommodations. View more information on University support resources.
  • You have the right to receive written information on all of your rights and options, including your rights to receive support resources, proceed with a University investigation, or to file a report with police. The University respects the needs and choices of the Reporting Party. For general information about the University’s response to a report, refer to the full Sex Discrimination and Sexual Misconduct Policy.

What to expect when: Reporting to Police

  • The criminal process is separate and distinct from the university’s process. Denison encourages individuals to report incidents of criminal sexual misconduct to the appropriate law enforcement agency. Timely reporting to the police is an important factor in the successful investigation and prosecution of crimes, including sexual violence crimes, and may lead to the arrest of an offender or aid in the investigation of other incidents.
  • Reporting the incident to the police does not mean an individual is obligated to participate in an investigation.

For more information about the university’s process to investigate and adjudicate cases, refer to the full Sex Discrimination and Sexual Misconduct Policy

Frequently Asked Questions

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