Campus Safety
Report suspicious activity to the Campus Safety office.

Overview: Please complete this form if you believe a crime or policy violation has occurred, have witnessed or have evidence of hazing, or see suspicious activity on campus. Completed forms are sent via an anonymous e-mail to Campus Safety. Campus Safety will respond to reports or may forward to the appropriate office, such as the Office of Community Values and Conflict Resolution, or the Office of Title IX and Sexual Respect. You will remain anonymous unless you voluntarily provide your contact information or other information that may identify yourself in the form.

The University will investigate all reports of sexual misconduct to the extent possible based upon information provided.

To immediately report a crime or incident, please call the Denison University Campus Safety Office by dialing 740-587-6777.

Immediately report all emergencies and life threatening situations by calling 911 or Campus Safety at 740-587-6777.

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