On April 30, 2014, I shared with the campus that an allegation had been made to the U.S. Department of Education that Denison was not properly fulfilling its obligations under Title IX with specific regard to sexual harassment and sexual assault. I write today to share that the OCR has formally closed this investigation, finding no evidence that Denison failed to comply with the law. This finding of no violation is based, according to a letter received from OCR, upon its thorough analysis of the case that prompted the allegation.

Denison is committed to providing a safe campus where students can pursue their educational goals. We continue to work to innovate in the prevention of sex discrimination, sexual harassment and sexual misconduct through community-wide engagement with these issues, research, prevention education, and the promotion of healthy social norms.

The University takes reports of sexual misconduct very seriously, supporting students who are affected by reported incidents and employing highly trained, independent attorneys to investigate allegations. We hold students accountable when we believe that discrimination has occurred in these forms. Finally, we follow closely new policy developments at the federal level to ensure that we remain compliant with the law.

More information about Denison’s efforts related to sexual assault prevention and Title IX are here. Questions about this work and expressions of interest in joining these efforts can be directed to Denison’s Deputy Title IX Coordinator.

Dr. Laurel B. Kennedy
Vice President
Division of Student Development

November 15, 2017