International welcome program

Transitioning to college is a big step for every first-year student, especially so for international students who are assimilating to a new language and culture.

Prior to August Orientation, a special program is offered for international students and for U.S. students who have been living abroad to ease your transition to living and studying in the United States. More importantly, you’ll also have the opportunity to meet other students with similar interests and experiences.

International students can arrive on campus several days before the First-Year August Orientation program to acclimate to campus and meet and learn from upper class students, faculty and staff members. Take advantage of this time to deal with jetlag, make connections with other new students, and ask questions.

International welcome program

Your First Year at Denison

Nervous about your first year at Denison? Denison’s First-year staff are here to help you transition to college, and give you guidance and information about academics and living on campus throughout your first year at Denison.

First-year Program

Advising Circles

Advising Circles are a 1-credit first semester class that meets weekly with a faculty advisor and a peer mentor to help students acclimate to Denison. You’ll discuss academics, the social scene, get a better understanding of campus resources, and generally get to know Denison quickly and well. We highly recommend enrolling in an Advising Circle.

Advising Circles


Students learn from their peers in the classroom and in their residences. Life in a residential hall is an opportunity to learn leadership development, civic engagement, creative problem solving and the embrace of diversity as core values.

Residential Communities