The advising relationship is an important place for conversations that connect the dots between academic work and the learning that occurs beyond the classroom walls.

AC 101: Engaging the Mission is a structured, weekly opportunity for a small group of first-year students to come together to talk about their experiences, to learn more about the university and the community, to explore how our community is shaped by the diversity of perspectives, and to think productively about how to plan for four years of a meaningful, educational experience.

Students who have participated in this course have been overwhelmingly positive about their experience, “I got to know my advisor so well, I wish our group continued meeting weekly throughout the spring.” 90% of students who have taken an AC 101 (previously FYS 103 and AS 101) would strongly recommend it to entering students. Faculty are equally enthusiastic about the experience, “This is, by far, the best I have gotten to know my advisees. It was a very rich and rewarding experience.”

Course: AC 101: Engaging the Mission is a 1 credit discussion based course limited to ten students and led by a faculty member who is their academic advisor. The class meets once weekly for roughly an hour. The course is graded S/U (satisfactory/unsatisfactory), which is based largely on class participation. External work (reading and writing) is minimal as is reflected by the 1 credit nature of the course.