Welcome Class of 2027!

Class of 2027, congratulations on your admission to Denison and welcome to our community!

Orientation Programs

Denison offers several orientation programs, which provide incoming first-year and transfer students a unique, challenging, and enjoyable transition to life at Denison.

Enrollment Checklist

For more information on the required tasks, how to complete them, and deadlines, please check your Enrollment Checklist on your Denison Admitted Student Portal at connect.denison.edu.

Phase 1: General & Advising Information

  • Enrollment Questionnaire: This questionnaire asks general biographical and contact information, and will take you less than 5 minutes to complete.
  • June Orientation (June-O) Registration: All incoming first-year students must attend a June Orientation session. Sessions are offered on campus and virtually.
  • Advising & Academic Interests: The information you provide in this form will assist those who are assigned to support you in the course registration process and prepare you for your academic journey at Denison. Learn more on the Advising for Students page.
  • Math Placement Assessment
  • Vaccination Policy Acknowledgment
  • Financial Responsibility Agreement

Phase 2: Family & Wellness Information

  • Family information form: Denison doesn’t just welcome you to our community on The Hill, we welcome your family as well! Provide additional information to ensure that your family stays connected to the Denison community and informed of the happenings on campus.
  • Wellness examination form
  • Tuberculosis screening
  • Authorizations
  • Immunizations*
  • Proof of Covid vaccination*
  • Guest proxy access: As a student, you can give your parents or legal guardians access to your personal information, student account, records, and more.
  • Language placement assessment: Students wishing to continue a language taken prior to arriving at Denison or students seeking to demonstrate proficiency as a part of seeking a language requirement waiver will need to complete a language assessment. Based on your responses to questions in the enrollment checklist, you will be prompted to complete an assessment if needed.

*Based on your responses to questions in the vaccination policy acknowledgement, these requirements could fall in other phases.

Phase 3: Housing & Financial Aid

  • Housing preference form: All new students need to complete this form in their MyHousing Portal on MyDenison to receive a housing assignment.
  • Submit an ID photo: All new students are required to submit a photo for their student ID card. Your Denison ID serves as photo identification.
  • Action on Student Loans
  • Direct Loan Master Promissory Note (MPN)
  • Direct Loan Entrance Counseling
  • Denison Scholar Loan Promissory Note
  • Denison Scholar Loan Self Certification

For more information related to these financial aid tasks, see types of scholarships and aid.

Phase 4: Final Important Details

  • Get inclusive: Voices of Change training
  • Prevent zone: Hazing Prevention 101 training
  • Submit final high school transcript: In order to enroll at Denison, we must receive your official final high school transcript no later than August 1.

Phase 5: Billing

  • Action on student insurance: All registered, full-time students are required to have health insurance coverage, either through the Denison student health insurance plan or through another individual or family plan. Students will need to opt-in or waive coverage.
  • Upload insurance card: Upload your card to your MyWellness Portal on MyDenison if you waive student health insurance plan coverage.
  • Course registration
  • Pay fall semester bill