As your student is settling into the new semester, it can be helpful to check in with them about how the semester is going. Here are some key questions to ask your student:

  • Do you have everything you need to be successful this semester? Have they developed and implemented a plan to stay organized? 
  • What will you do differently this semester to get the most out of your classes? Encourage your student to meet with their faculty and academic advisor in these first weeks of the semester. Meeting with these individuals prior to needing a letter of recommendation, assistance in class, or advice on a situation makes the second visit easier.
  • How will you get involved in campus life outside of classes? It is never too late to join a club or organization on campus. This can also be a great time to evaluate whether your student needs to step away from a few of the involvement opportunities from the fall. At the very least, encourage your student to invite their roommate to lunch, ask a friend to a campus event, or reach out to the neighbor across the hall to study with them outside of their residence hall room. 
  • What are you planning to do this summer? They have a little while before they need to know exactly what their plan is. Now is a great time for them to schedule an appointment with the Knowlton Center to work on their resume, build their interview skills, or expand their network. 
  • Remind them to engage fully at Denison. Going to each class prepared and ready to engage is important. There are also athletic events, arts performances, speakers, and activities happening all over campus each day. If they fail to show up, they won’t experience all that their Denison degree has to offer.

Encourage them to reach out to me. If I do not have the answer to their question, I am happy to connect them with the amazing network of support available to them. 

February 28, 2024