Joining the Denison Community

As a new member of our community, you will participate in a multi-step orientation process throughout the next few months that is designed to prepare you for your new life on The Hill.

  • Launch into living and learning at Denison through a series of online modules.
  • Work with a faculty Academic Advisor and a student First-Year Fellow to discuss your academic plans and confirm registration for your fall courses.
  • Join us on The Hill in August for new student orientation with all of your new peers.
  • Leave campus with a small group of faculty, staff, and fellow first-years who share your interests and passions during one of our Off-Campus Orientation Experiences.

Our programs help first-year students feel at home and productive in the Denison environment by creating a space to embrace the academic, social, and residential challenges and opportunities embedded in a four-year liberal arts college experience.


Online Modules

In May, you will gain access to a series of online modules that will prepare you to launch into your 4 years at Denison. The modules will set you up for success by covering everything you need to know about academics, residential life, support services, finances, campus policies, and our community’s values.

Fall Course Registration

You may already be thinking about what courses you will take in the fall, or maybe you are focused on high school and life at college seems very far away. Whether you are thinking about it a lot, a little, or not at all, Denison faculty will be working to put together your fall course schedule in May. Through your Enrollment Checklist, you are providing information about:

  • your primary areas of academic interest,
  • W101 (Writing 101) courses,
  • foreign language placement and interests,
  • mathematics placement,
  • and selections from a range of Denison courses that are available to first-year students in the fall.

With this information, we will build a well-rounded first-semester schedule. You will be enrolled in at least one course in a primary area of academic interest, along with the possibilities of a first-year writing course (W101), and a language course (if applicable). Your schedule will also include courses outside of your primary academic interests that you have indicated look intriguing to you. If you indicate that you are planning on exploring a pre-health curriculum, you will be enrolled in the appropriate science and/or math courses.


Throughout the month of June, you will be invited to participate in an optional series of Advising Webinars designed to help you and your family members better understand the Liberal Arts and the breadth and depth of Denison’s academic curriculum.


In July, you will be required to meet virtually with your assigned summer faculty advisor and a First-Year Fellow to discuss your fall schedule and future academic pursuits at Denison.