Oversight & Implementation: IDEA Team

To do this work, we are establishing a cross-functional Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Antiracism (IDEA) Team. The team is not charged with doing the work, but rather making sure that every unit across the college is doing their part to ensure that the entire college is moving forward. This team will consist of administrators who hold the following positions:

In addition to the recommendations reported below, the IDEA Team will review Denison’s Diversity Statement. This process was started by the University Council in 2019 and the statement was passed by faculty vote in May 2019. The Diversity Statement Task Force, composed of faculty, staff, and a student representative, was convened in the Fall 2019 Semester. This task force did a good deal of work before it was placed on hold in mid-spring 2020, due to COVID-19.

Tracking Progress & Measuring Success

We will identify metrics that represent important factors to assess our progress towards our strategies and goals. We will track achievements on plan-related action steps such as implementation and participation in programs, utilization of services, increased awareness, and other leading measures of progress. Longer-term measurements will include trends in the demographic composition of our campus over time and will consider shifts in climate and key indicators of equity across all populations.

The IDEA Team has been charged by President Weinberg with continually assessing progress and reporting back to the community. As part of this work, the group will undertake a university-wide review of policies, processes, and procedures through an equity-minded lens. The group will meet quarterly with the President and once a year with the Chair and Vice Chair of the Board of Trustees to ensure ongoing discussion of IDEA values and initiatives at the highest levels of the college.

While additional metrics will emerge over time, at minimum, we will refine and track the categories listed below and use them as a basis for reporting on our plan progress and program effectiveness.


Reporting Schedule

June – August 2022
Assess and report on progress, refine the plan for 2022 – 2023
Begin year two implementation
November 2022 Update

June – August 2023
Assess and report on progress, refine the plan for 2023 – 2024
Begin year three implementation
June 2023 Update

June – August 2024
Assess and report on progress, refine the plan for 2024– 2025
Begin year four implementation

June – August 2025
Assess and report on progress, refine the plan for 2025 – 2026
Begin year five implementation