While many principles are embedded throughout our planning, five frame the action plan:

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion - Our work is focused on ensuring that every member of our community feels listened to, valued, and respected and has the opportunities to succeed at Denison.

Antiracism - Our work requires members of our community to be committed to doing their part to ensure that racism has no place on our campus.

Shared Responsibility - Our work will be guided by a shared equity leadership approach. We will scale our work by organizing teams across campus who take collective responsibility in developing and moving our IDEA agenda forward.

A Commitment - Our work will be ongoing. We must be committed for the long haul, driven by a continual process of learning, taking actions, assessing, refining our work, and staying committed over time.

Accountability - We will instill a sense of accountability for progress at every level of the college.

Strategies & Recommendations

The following strategies and recommendations are designed to address direct feedback from the Denison community and to identify and measure tangible actions and progress.