As articulated in the Student Code of Conduct, a student or student organization found responsible for a violation of the Code may expect to receive conduct sanctions form the University. The purpose of a sanction is to communicate to a student the seriousness of their actions and that certain behaviors are unacceptable within the Denison community. Additionally, the University believes that sanctions help restore the safety and standards of our community.

Sanctions are designed to be educational; they are issued to hold the responsible student appropriately accountable (so as to to discourage future violations) and to connect students with appropriate resources and tools that can help promote growth and learning in light of that accountability.

Sanctions may be applied singly or in combination and can be influenced by the student’s or organization’s previous conduct involvement and history. The following Conduct Sanctions at a Glance link provides a quick summary of sanctions articulated within the Student Code of Conduct. The list is not intended to be exhaustive, and the the status sanction should not be construed as incremental or cumulative. Issuance is at the discretion of the conduct administrator or other hearing body and considers such things as the seriousness of the offense and the student’s history.

Students should refer to the Student Code of Conduct for a more expansive description of conduct sanctions.

Completing Educational Sanctions

Because windows of learning can close quickly, students who receive sanctions should be mindful of required completion dates. To remain in good standing, students are strongly encourage to:

  • Read the outcome letter carefully and note any sanction due dates on a calendar;
  • Complete the sanction(s) as instructed;
  • Schedule required appointments (i.e., Alcohol101,, alcohol assessment, etc.) in a timely manner; and,
  • Keep an open mind about sanctions. Although required, sanctions and accountability provide a rare opportunity for growth and learning about ourselves and others. A student who maintains an open mind might just learn something.

It is very important to submit and/or complete sanctions by their due dates. Failure to do so is considered a violation of the Student Code of Conduct and subjects the student to additional action, which could include increased disciplinary status or loss of privileges.

If a student has additional questions or concern about an issued sanction, he or she should contact the conduct administrator that resolved the case.

Sanction Resources

Below is some information that may be helpful in completion of your issued sanctions.

To complete registration at

  1. Follow the “Register Now” link to create your username for the website. If you have a previous account, you just need to log in.
  2. Denison's school code is bigred (all one word, without quotation marks).
  3. After typing in the code, please follow the prompts for demographic and personal information.
  4. Upon registering, you will be directed to the MyStudentBody Lobby where you can access all of the topical areas, including alcohol and drugs