The Office of Community Values & Student Conduct seeks to cultivate an environment in which individuals recognize the significance of their choices and actions to the community, and act responsibly and ethically. Consistent with the University’s mission, the Office of Community Values & Student Conduct mission is to:

  • Proactively encourage safety by promoting and upholding the rights and responsibilities of the Denison University community;
  • Resolve interpersonal and organizational conflict in a manner consistent with our core values: active learning, self-determination, human dignity, and compassion;
  • Balance the rights of the individual student and the interests of the community at large through fair, consistent, timely conflict resolution;
  • Facilitate learning and character development of “autonomous thinkers, discerning moral agents and active citizens of a democratic society,” including by involving students in the adjudication process.

We help students connect with campus and community resources to redirect them toward more positive behaviors. Committed to restorative principles, we provide opportunities to resolve community disputes through healthy confrontation of choices and honest dialogue. In doing so, we hope to facilitate education, redress of harm, and community healing.