Nan Nowik Memorial Awards 2014 - 2015

Awards & Honors
  • Emma Reasoner - Honorable Mention, Artistic Expression
  • Hollie Davis - First Place, Artistic Expression
  • Maya Washington-Zeigler - Honorable Mention, Activism
  • Manvi Jalan - First Place, Activism
  • Sarah Huizar - Honorable Mention, Essay
  • Christina Hambleton - First Place, Essay
  • Calandra McGee - Honorable Mention, Senior Scholarship
  • Marquita K. Williams - Honorable Mention, Senior Scholarship
  • Marina Martinez - First Place, Senior Scholarship
  • Emma Bosley-Smith - First Place, Senior Scholarship
Posted Date 
Friday, May 16, 2014


What's Happening

Conferences & Symposia

Online Symposium: Redefining Gender

Denison and Ahmedabad University professors will present online on the topic of "Redefining Gender: Transgressive Thinking and Subversive Solidarities"

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