In March 2024, eight Denison students, four of them women and gender studies majors, represented one-third of the papers offered during the Great Lakes College Association’s Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Collective Undergraduate Research and Activism e-Conference. In addition, four Denison faculty served as moderators for sessions.

Students and their presentations were:

  • Noah Chartier ’25, Theorizing Obligations of Privilege
  • Mia Fischel ‘26, The Only Verdict is Vengeance: The Limits of Anarchy in V for Vendetta
  • Jaci Hershberger ’24, Where’s Her Agency?: The Impact of Narrative Perspective in the Representation of Sub-Saharan African Women
  • Muhammad Ali Imran ’24,  The Empire’s New Clothes: Feminism, Antiracism, and Anticolonialism
  • Ikera (Kee) Olandesca ’26, Opposites Attack: Male-Female and Human-Nature Binaries in ‘Jibaro’
  • Eliza Scoggin ’26, Affirming a Place in the Picture: Analyzing the Liberative Potential of a Diverse Christ in the Visual Arts, Social Justice, and Advocacy
  • Abigail Strongin ’24, Reproductive Rights in Spain: Recognizing Catholicism’s Impact on the Political Evolution of Abortion Discourse
  • Zora Whitfield ’24, Crafting a Reproductive Justice Agenda: Addressing Reproductive Oppression through Rhizomatic Corrective and Justice Frameworks

Of the GLCA schools, Denison was the best-represented in terms of student presentations.

April 22, 2024