lota lota lota (Triota) is a national honorary collegiate society for students of Women’s and Gender Studies. Members are elected by local chapters which have been chartered by the society. Denison is the Epsilon Xi chapter, founded in 2022.

In order to become a member, students must:

  • Be a declared Women’s and Gender Studies (WGST) major or minor
  • Complete 3 courses in WGST
  • Hold a major/minor GPA of 3.0 in the WGST Program

For more information, visit: Triota National Organization

This year’s inductees include:

  • Alexandra E. Andres
  • Kiara M. Ansley-Hinds
  • Sophie M. Berger
  • Zoe Bernstein
  • Grace M. Buller
  • Noah L. Chartier
  • Catlin A Cornish
  • Joan Do-Truong
  • Zoe L. Gooch
  • Emma T. Goss
  • Jaci D. Hershberger
  • Jisoo Kim
  • Gabriella M. Longo
  • Leah J. Mayberry
  • Maren T. Mclivaine-Newsad
  • Selena Mendez
  • Avery R. Noteman
  • Mia E. Olsen
  • Bailey A Roberts
  • Zora K. Whitfield