The Center for Learning and Teaching promotes engaged and effective teaching that cultivates significant student learning. We support and collaborate with faculty members on questions, ideas, activities, and research related to learning and teaching. In addition, we aim to foster a faculty culture that welcomes open discussion and reflection on learning and teaching.

The Center develops or sponsors a wide array of learning and collaboration opportunities for faculty at all career stages including but not limited to seminars, workshops, speakers, presentations, discussions, learning communities, and reading groups. We also conduct two seminars specifically for early-career faculty:

  • The Denison Teaching Seminar is for tenure-track faculty in their first three years at Denison. The goal is to investigate best teaching practices within the Denison context, while understanding institutional norms and expectations. In addition, colleagues develop a supportive community across five cohorts as well as across departments for openly sharing professional struggles, successes, and for learning from one another.
  • The Denison Reflection Seminar builds off of the Denison Teaching Seminar experience and is a community of practice for faculty who have completed their third-year review but are not yet tenured. The goal is to engage in critical reflection and use this to inform their progress forward.

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